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Dave Moore

Dave Moore is a Catholic singer songwriter whose mission is to create an atmosphere that leaves hearts vulnerable to Christ through prayer and music. He has traveled the states singing contemporary and traditional songs of praise and is currently the director of worship at SMU Catholic and the resident worship leader for the diocese of Dallas.

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Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore deems to inspire the next generation through music and prayer. Her hope is that through music, all who hear will ponder the beauty of God and deepen their sense of a real spiritual encounter with our Lord. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Dave Moore.

Lauren has been a cantor for twelve years and a music minister for ten years. She writes music for the Liturgy with Dave Moore. Lauren's passion is to bring Gregorian chant to life by writing multi part harmony to the sacred text. She loves collaborating with other musicians: to lead people to the heart of worship. Lauren studied Opera performance at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and The University of Texas at Austin. She has performed abroad in Germany and Austria. She serves as Assistant Director of Music Ministry with Dave Moore at the SMU Catholic Campus Ministry for the past two years, and is focused on composing and releasing Liturgical music resources.